Westward bound: GCPL includes Central Texas Lobos in future plans

The Gulf Coast Premier League looks to further claim its status as the premier league of the gulf coast by setting its ambitions to include Texas clubs in to the fold. Currently the GCPL serves 11 clubs that range from west Louisiana to the Florida panhandle. “We have clubs in 4 out of the 5 gulf states,” said league VP, Jonathan Rednour. “It only makes sense to try and get clubs from Texas involved at some point and truly become a league that caters to all clubs in the gulf coast.”

The league has been in talks with up and coming club, Central Texas Lobos, out of Kyle, TX, and has included it in league plans to venture farther west for the 2018 season. “The Lobos reached out to us last year inquiring about our model and over the past few months we have continued to communicate and build a relationship in hopes that both parties agree their inclusion would benefit both the league and the Lobos’ future as a club,” Rednour further stated.

Texas is the only gulf state not currently represented,” said Lobos club president David Walding. “We look forward to being able to help the league be representative of the entire gulf coast.  Texas has a wealth of talent just waiting to be spotlighted in a league such as the GCPL.”

Central Texas Lobos was formed in 2015, but operated as Galaxia Soccer Club from 1996 to 2015. “We began preparing for a higher level of play in 2015 and made the move to the state premier level, rebranding as the Central Texas Lobos based on our partnerships with the City of Kyle and Pedernales Brewing Company (makers of the Lobo line of beer),” Walding added. ” We strive to be a professionally-run club dedicated to developing local talent regardless of national origin or income level.”

With the inclusion the Central Texas Lobos, the GCPL will be looking to open talks with multiple clubs from Texas that have shown interest and determine the best fit for all parties involved. “As we move forward with venturing into a state with an abundance of quality leagues and clubs, we want to be sure we’re not biting off more than we can chew,” stated Rednour. “We’ve held off of going in to Texas out of respect of other entities, but in a state that’s as big as the rest of the gulf coast combined, we feel we can do so without stepping on toes.”

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