Summer season league format is set; Gaffa FC joins the GCPL


The GCPL has announced it’s league format for the 2017 summer season.

Kicking off on the weekend of May 13th the league will see itself divided into 2 divisions; east and west.


  1. AFC Mobile (Mobile, AL)
  2. Biloxi City FC (Biloxi, MS)
  3. Gaffa FC (Jackson, MS)
  4. Gulf Coast Texans (Pensacola, FL)
  5. Louisiana Fire (Kenner, LA)
  6. Motagua New Orleans


  1. Baton Rouge Soccer Club
  2. BOCA FC (Shreveport, LA)
  3. Cajun Soccer Club (Lafayette, LA)
  4. Lake City Gamblers (Lake Charles, LA)
  5. Pool Boys FC (Alexandria, LA)

Teams will face each other in a double round robin format with the top two from each division advancing to the semi-finals. The semi-finals will have the first place team from each division facing off against the second place team from the other division. The finals will be held at a central location to be determined at a later date.



Gaffa FC joins the GCPL as it’s 11th team and second from Mississippi. Forming in 2013, Gaffa FC has made a name for themselves around the Jackson soccer scene by competing in national 5v5 events and regional tournaments around the area. They have mostly competed in the local Jackson leagues but have traveled the region playing various top level teams from the region.

“We’ve been following the GCPL since it was the LPL; and always thought it would be nice for it to expand our way so we can get involved.” said team owner Brian Strong. “The level of competition and the chance to give Jackson a team to support were big reasons we felt we needed to get involved at this time.”

“Brian and I have been in talks for the past 4 years or so.” said GCPL VP, Jonathan Rednour. “It was inevitable to have Gaffa FC join the GCPL. We just needed to wait until they were ready.”

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