GCPL Statement on Promotion and Relegation in the USSF

On August 3, 2017, Kingston Stockade FC of the National Premier Soccer League (co-division 4) and The Miami FC of the North American Soccer League (co-division 2) filed a claim with the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to make the US Soccer Federation comply with the FIFA stated mandate to use promotion and relegation for all divisions of US Soccer.

The Gulf Coast Premier League (GCPL) believes that the implementation of promotion and relegation would allow teams to find the appropriate level in which to compete, champion the sport in smaller communities, stimulate the fan base, and increase spending on smaller regional and amateur leagues throughout the United States. The GCPL is supportive of any move that could bring about promotion and relegation in the United States of America.

Cajun Soccer Club vs. Gaffa FC | 2017 Gulf Coast Premier League Cup Championship Preview

Cajun Soccer Club (Lafayette, LA) vs. Gaffa FC (Jackson, MS)
2017 Gulf Coast Premier League Cup Championship
Pan American Stadium, New Orleans, LA
Saturday, July 28, 2017 6:30 PM CST

 The Gulf Coast Premier League’s championship will take place in New Orleans, but for the first time since the league’s inception the champion will not be a New Orleans-based team.

Humbling three-time champion CDMotagua in the semi-finals with a stunning 3-2 win, the Cajun Soccer Club did what no team had been able to do prior: make it so the GCPL would have a champion other than the Blue Eagles.

On the other-side of the bracket, Gaffa FC disassembled Pool Boys FC 6-0 in Jackson, making it so there is a possibility of not just the first non-Motagua champion, but potentially the first champion not from Louisiana at all.

The two sides will square-off this Saturday at Pan America to crown the winner of the GCPL cup.
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Westward bound: GCPL includes Central Texas Lobos in future plans

The Gulf Coast Premier League looks to further claim its status as the premier league of the gulf coast by setting its ambitions to include Texas clubs in to the fold. Currently the GCPL serves 11 clubs that range from west Louisiana to the Florida panhandle. “We have clubs in 4 out of the 5 gulf states,” said league VP, Jonathan Rednour. “It only makes sense to try and get clubs from Texas involved at some point and truly become a league that caters to all clubs in the gulf coast.” Continue reading “Westward bound: GCPL includes Central Texas Lobos in future plans”